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How Multi-Carrier Shipping System InfoShip®/Vx Works

CLS will be your partner and your safety net right from the start. When you purchase InfoShip®/Vx, you get more than software. You gain a dedicated team of knowledgeable experts invested in your success.

The Tech Spec

We work with you to evaluate your business needs from a Shipping System.

  • Typically takes 3-4 weeks
  • Involves Warehouse Operations Management & supporting Warehouse IT teams
  • Sets the project up for success

Getting To Know Your Needs

The Technical Specification (Tech Spec) is the cornerstone of every installation. This functional system specification is based on the customer’s specific business requirements as determined through an onsite discovery meeting that runs from one to three days. Our integration team uses the Tech Spec as the system blueprint to ensure we deliver is a multi-carrier shipping system that not only meets, but exceeds expectations.

Understanding Your Shipping Operations

In the Tech Spec, we document an overview of your current processes involving shipping. This includes such items as your current ERP, WMS, host database and shipping systems; the general process flows used to process various shipments; what carriers and carrier services are used; and the documents that are printed.

Understanding The Integration

The Tech Spec then documents in great detail exactly how you want the new system to function. This includes items such as any changes to the ERP, WMS or host databases, details about the carriers that will be implemented, specific business rules your company uses that will be implemented in the system, and the process flows the new system will use.

The Tech Spec also includes information regarding how the ERP, WMS and/or other host systems will interface with InfoShip®/Vx, the shipping and pallet labels and other documents the system will print, what reports the system will print, and much, much more. Our Integration team then implements the business logic and configures InfoShip®/Vx per the Tech Spec.

The Integration

Once the Technical Specification and project contract documents are accepted by the customer, the project is handed off to our technical and project management teams. A kickoff call is scheduled to introduce all teams members, their role in the project, as well as the project timeline and any immediate deliverables.

Following the call, CLS will create and distribute a project plan that outlines key milestones and associated dates for the integration process, carrier approvals, testing, training and go live.

  • Typically takes 60 – 90 days with functional testing.
  • You'll have a dedicated project manager and technical point of contact.

The Beginning: Integration

The integration process begins as soon as the servers, and remote access to such servers, are made available to CLS. Our team will install and configure InfoShip®/Vx, including all of the process flows, customer specific business rules, host interfaces, carriers, etc., as defined in the Technical Specification document.

A lead integrator and project manager will be assigned by CLS at the start of the project to facilitate effective communications between all parties. Work performed by CLS during this process is typically handled via remote access to your test and/or development environments.

Middle: End-to-End Testing and Training

Typically, the initial installation and configuration of InfoShip®/Vx will be done in a Test server environment. Throughout the implementation process, the integrator will perform testing of all business rules, process flows, etc. as they are implemented.

Once complete, you will be required to perform testing to validate that the system is performing as expected per the Tech Spec. We require that you process a wide variety of possible shipping scenarios. For instance, we recommend using two weeks worth of production data during testing to cover all shipping scenarios.

Your lead CLS integrator will be onsite for several days during this phase. In addition to testing, we will begin training users and admins on InfoShip®/Vx functionality. Once the test server has been successfully validated, CLS will install and configure the production environment using the InfoShip®/Vx configuration from the Test environment. Testing and system validation will be repeated on the production server by CLS and you prior to go live.

End: User Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing is the final phase before go live with InfoShip®/Vx. During this time, your staff will continue to test and validate the processes and data being returned by InfoShip®/Vx. Operators will continue to use and become familiar with InfoShip®/Vx. All issues will be resolved during this phase prior to go live.

The Go Live

It’s time to get your Shipping System up and running (and saving you money).

  • InfoShip®/Vx typically provides a return on investment in 6 to 8 Months
  • Can save you 20-25% in your shipping operations
  • Allows for parcel processing speeds of 25,000 packages per hour

Go Live Support and Training

Over our 20+ years in business, we’ve learned that having a CLS integrator onsite at your distribution center for go live is paramount to our successes. Your CLS lead integrator will arrive onsite either the day prior to or the morning of go live, depending on your needs.

We will remain onsite through two end of day closeouts. While onsite, we are able to immediately address any unexpected issues or scenarios that may be uncovered to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We will also work directly with end users to train them on the basics of shipping through InfoShip®/Vx.

Moving Forward

After go live, we are here to support you both during your 30 day warranty period and beyond. Our support team consists of the same integrators that implement InfoShip®/Vx installations. Depending on the issue, we can respond via email, phone or, if need be, remotely access your server to assess and resolve.

Moving forward, as you grow and your needs change, CLS will work directly with your team to increase the functionality of your multi-carrier shipping system to meet your expanding needs.

Why CLS?

After more than 20 years in the shipping software business, we at CLS leverage our software, knowledge and experience to solve client challenges and meet the needs of the fast paced and constantly changing logistics and e-commerce marketplace. We work with our clients to solve market challenges, provide competitive advantages, while working to minimize client labor and transportation costs.

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