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How Will the New USPS Package Verification System Affect Your Business?

Posted by Greg Marone on Oct 4, 2017 11:55:16 PM


Do you know about the recent change to the way USPS handles their parcel package processing. I think it is good information for anyone who ships with large volumes whether you are using USPS now or looking to leverage this option in the future.

Today, when shipping with USPS, if a parcel was shipped and for whatever reason the weight was not correct, USPS would not handle the discrepancy very well. If the actual weight was lower then what was manifested by the shipper, then nothing was done, the shipper simply had just paid too much for shipping the package. If the actual package weight was higher than the manifested weight, then USPS would attempt to collect any freight difference from the party it was delivering to. Needless to say, neither of these scenarios is ideal, especially trying to collect from a consumer!

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On 8/15 USPS is planning to implement a new system that will allow them to handle these discrepancies in a more efficient and customer friendly way. Their new system will take the actual weight and compare it to the manifested weight and any discrepancy, whether higher or lower, will be adjusted directly to the shippers account.

This results in multiple advantages for shippers using USPS especially for delivering to consumers. First, for any shipments with an actual weight lower than the manifested weight, a credit will be issued to the shippers account since they overpaid freight. As well, if the actual weight was higher, USPS will now collect the extra shipping freight cost from the shipper and not the party that is receiving the package.

These changes, when combined with their already low freight cost and ability to deliver to any domestic address 6 days a week, make USPS a valid option in today’s logistics arena. If you aren’t using their services today, it may be worthwhile to take another look at leveraging their offerings for your business. 


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